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Our Services.

From estimating, planning and installation to yearly maintenance and removals, McDonald Tree Care is dedicated to providing the best services available in the Canadian tree care industry.

Our Specialities

Tree Planting

When it comes to planting, we have the education and knowledge to ensure you have the right tree for your property.

Technical Removals

Often involves trees located in close proximity to homes, buildings, and live conductors.

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McDonald Tree Care is happy to provide free estimates and consultations for all of our services.

We will work with you to discuss various options and decide what route to take to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction while considering the health and longevity of the tree.
Listed below are some of the most common services we provide, but keep in mind – if it’s tree related, we can help! If you have questions about any services not listed, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Tree Pruning

Why we prune trees:

  • Pruning is often required for trees located in an urban landscape, there are a number of objectives we use when pruning trees.
  • Reduce the risk of failure – we do this by identifying if your tree has any co-dominate stems or limbs with bark inclusion. These trees/limbs are the first to fail in adverse weather or stressful conditions.
  • Provide adequate clearance to a structure (ie. your home, pool, shed, etc.) to prevent damage and unwanted mess.
  • Maintain tree health by regular crown cleaning, such as targeting dead, diseased, broken and rubbing/crossing branches

When should your trees be pruned:

  • Trees can be pruned at any time of year (depending on species), however, it is best practice to prune during months of dormancy.
  • Some hedges, bushes and shrubbery can and should be pruned annually to maintain the aesthetic you prefer.
  • Trees can be inspected on an annual basis to determine integrity and whether pruning is required.
  • When it comes to pruning, every tree is different and we are happy to provide free visual inspections, advice and estimates to decide what is best for you and your trees

Who should prune your trees:

  • Always have your trees pruned by a certified arborist!
  • A common mistake is homeowners pruning their own trees – Potentially causing permanent damage.
  • Improper pruning can harm the trees health, stability, and appearance, tree pruning can cause permanent damage to a healthy tree.

Plant Health Care

McDonald Tree Care is your holistic approach to tree care, through monitoring your tree and shrub health.

Root Collar Excavation
The practice of very cautiously removing the excess mulch and soil from above the root flare/stem of the tree to allow for proper aeration, disease and fungal prevention, and exposing potential girdling roots and what to do next.

By properly mulching the trees on your property, you can attempt to replicate your soil back to how trees grow in a natural forest environment. By focusing on aerating your urban soil through mulching/vertical mulching we can start to welcome back all the essential nutrients and soil microorganisms your trees crave.

Identification of Potential Tree Concerns
We are happy to assess your tree(s) to determine whether there is a problem (ie, pests, disease, etc.) and what we can do to help.

Mulching and fertilizing are also key in ensuring long term success with your existing trees, and trees you decide to in the future.

Our goal is to provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally conscious route to plant health care
We recognize that soil health is the most important component of tree and plant health.

Stump Grinding

Whether McDonald Tree Care removed the tree or not, we provide stump grinding services for any unwanted stump or surface root removal. This will only add to your properties curb appeal and create new useable space.

Stump grinding also eliminates any tripping hazards or unwanted liabilities.


At McDonald Tree Care, we guide our clients with our years of experience and education to make an informed decision regarding their tree or shrub needs.

We strive to ensure our clients have the knowledge and understanding they need to make an informed decision on any one of our services. We encourage our clients to think long term – we want them to be able to visualize their landscape not only immediately after work is completed, but years down the road too.

We aim to present our clients with various options and routes to completing their desired landscape – we understand that our clients won’t always know exactly what they’re looking for and we are happy to help them create and execute a vision.