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Should my trees be pruned annually?

Not all trees need annual maintenance. This depends on the location of trees, tree species and age of the tree. The best way to find out how often your tree needs pruning is to contact MTC for a complimentary quotation. We would be happy to discuss a maintenance plan for your trees.

Do you offer emergency tree care if a tree came down in a storm?

MTC does offer emergency care. If you have had tree fall on your car or house, it’s best to call us as soon as possible. We would come inspect and quote the job and get started on removing the damaged limbs.

What makes you a sustainable tree care company?

MTC focuses on the safety of their employees, surrounding areas and the environment. By using electric chain saws (when suitable for the job), we reduce emissions and reduce the amount of noise on the job. We also use biodegradable oil for lubricating our chainsaws. This ensures there will be no hazardous material running off into soil, streams, etc.

If I have a damaged tree limb, do you have to remove the whole tree?

We would assess the limb, check for structural integrity of the remaining tree, and create a plan of action. We would discuss pros and cons tree removal and pruning. Tree removal would be the last resort and only recommended if the tree was unsafe.